Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I wanna crib crib and crib....

bugged to the core!!!!!!
The work load is so much with exams, assignments, projects and placements coming up...i am bugged to the core..
it has almost 2 months since I last enjoyed anything...
need a party break... badddddllllllllllllyyyyyyyy
my mind has become so blunt cant understand the songs i listen to :'-((
my friend actually keeps on telling me some new and beautiful songs but when i sit and try listen to them .. it doesnt enter my head...
cant undertsand many things that read...
just waiting for these days to get over fast....


  1. Hey, this is the peace before the storm...

  2. AHmmmmmm...i understand you are going through an MBA prog. Plz accept a token of compassion from a fellow MBAite.

  3. 20th is the placement i all this bad dayss wont continue for long...relax!

  4. And also, if u getting too much load and want to realx for bit...u can give me a call as well.i wont mind ..:D