Saturday, February 17, 2007

float as if u will never drown!!

just read a friends blog on floating..reminded me of my experience..
I went for white water rafting just two years back..(actually shud call it brown water rafting owing to colour of water...) to a place the name of which i dont remember ..
it was level one rafting permitted for us (we were amateurs u see)..
The raft man guided us through the whole process and took us to a place where he asked us to jump into water ...most of them were afraid and believe me..urs truly the bravest of them all was the first one to jump...(i had trust in life jackets..).......
I floated in water (ofcourse with life jacket on)
one of the the best things i ever experienced... floating like a wood piece in water without the fear of drowning..and staring at sky ...heaven seriously....


  1. Wow... I didn't know you have been water rafting... must have been a good experience.

  2. Wht happened to the writer inside you? Its been a long wait!