Monday, February 05, 2007

how deep is ur pain?

how deep a person is hurt depends on how deeply (s)he allows the hurt to affect him/her..

this is wat i read few years ago and still believe in it...reminded of it after reading a sad story...

joys and sorrows come in a cycle.. one follows the other tho not on a regular periodic interval and not with same intensity..sometimes u embrace ur hurt with more readiness than how u wud have accepted ur joy coz thats wen u live for others and u knw u mite have to do some things for them which hurts u but which maybe right...for them.. and u value them more than anything in life...

to sum up as in the lyrics of song am listening to:
"..kabhi khushi hai kabhi koi gum..
kabhi hansi hai aankhein kabhi num
jiyo hanske ya roke jiyo jeena padta hai her mausam...."


  1. but then hurt only reminds me that I am alive... I'd rather feel the pain than become numb... else how I feel the happiness?

  2. Nice post!! short and sweet.I really liked it :)