Tuesday, February 06, 2007


How many serials does one watch in a week and to follow each of them how many stories and plots one needs to remember..lemme see during prime time atleast 5 ..and after that maybe 4-5 during the rest of the day..
well i am on a similar serial story follwing spree...just that the stories are not so colourful as on the idiot box but rather in black and on white/offwhite..
well i am reading four books(all fiction ofcourse) simultaneously ...and enjoying them all...depending on my mood i can pick anyone i want...and yeah a fifth one is waiting..which is not a fiction...also am watching malgudi days on rajshri.com (all thanks to my friend who told me abt the site)...yessss i am lovin' it...taram paparammm....
an imp discovery i made 2 days back wen i was reading one of the articles in my controls subject - I am not the only one in this world who thinks that management lessons can be learnt using fictions ::) some scholarly sounding guy also thinks so and my prof had included his article in our syllabus...may be I am actualy quite intelligent..muhe to bina research wagerah wagerah kiye hee sab pata hai...jo in schols ko itne saalon mein pata chala
...this intellectual just need to openly express her views ;)

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  1. Hahahaha... badi tarif ki hai apni... Lage raho.