Thursday, March 08, 2007

nostalgia :(

still fresh are the memories of the first day that I landed in this place..
came with two of my friends..met a nice roomie who got scared seeing my luggage(atleast 10 bags)...saying hi hello to everyone around....wondering how am I supposed to remember all the faces and names!! (it dint take more than a couple of months )
first day at college ...seeing every face full of anticiaption and excitement...
first few classes..ohh that person can think so much I wud never have been able to think that way..very intelligent...(its a different thing that we know how each of us will respond to diff situations and in some cases we pray..please please dont let him/her start on this ;))

now its time to leave.. I dint ever think that I will be upset leaving, afterall I started counting the days as soon as I entered ...but thats not the case...however much I disliked some things abt the place...I have met some very gud friends here...and I have changed a lot seeing others and learning from them...I am surely gonna miss all that...!!!


  1. Whenever anything comes to end..we generally feel that way..!

    if u remember..i had called u the day when u were leaving for the hostel./.u were in taxi at that time....!!!