Sunday, July 08, 2007

half century!

its my 50th post..
am posting after a long time..its not that i had nothing to write ..infact i had much more than usual to write..when i write down something it helps me think more clearly..but i dint have the access to net for so long...and so my first chennai stint has remain uncovered..i did write a few things in pen and paper and something on my lappy too..but all that remains there as i the forgetful self left my data transfer device (called pen drive) at home :(
now i am in the dream city of many indians..which has never been mine..I have always dreaded this place..the huge traffic, the large crowds which drive u along with them..the ultra expensive and ultra small appartments...
neways this is my first day in mumbai and may be therefore i need to write abt it...
i have been trying to roam arond a bit on my own and have not lost my way till now..lets see how long can i travel here...


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  2. welcome to mumbai..
    Yeah i too agree with you, mumbai is tooo crowded esp. the place where your office is situated..
    If you get lost anytime, just call me...i know this place enough to guide anyone in their way...

  3. And Yes...Congratulations for you 50th post....keep it going..!