Thursday, September 13, 2007


how insensitive and indifferent can a human being be??
Saw a news item today which told abt a 25 yr old guy who bled to death after being run over by a bus/truc in the salt lake area of cal...
he was lying there for abt half an hour after the accident and no one came to rescue him..vehicles kept passing and no one bothered to pick him up and take him to hospital..the news also suggested that a VVIP vehicle also passed by without paying any attention..
is this what we call ourselves human for??
and guess what i havent heard the news for second time after that for last 4-5 hours... the news channels are busy talking abt ICC 20 overs world cup or weather etc..
had it been even a bail plea or a minor elbow twist or a scratch on a celebrity ...the number of times that i would have heard that in 4 hours wud have been atleast 40..
this is what our news channels show us..this is what we shud be concerned about in our lives..!!!
Shame on such media channels!!!


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I happened to bump into your posting. I do accept that the world is going to the dogs, but there are good things also happening. Don't lose heart due to such news... My car broke down on an Arizona highway one day and when I stepped out of it, atleast 4 cars stopped by offering help. One of them actually left his water bottle behind for me. I also had a similar experience in Texas and I am indebted to a lot of folks for helping us out...

    I think there is nothing good or bad, kind or evil... its all just God's way of running this world.

  2. @Anonymous: Good for u... but I cannot imagine coming across such helpful people in India.
    @RT: These news channels are getting on my nerves... so is cricket.

  3. a famous dialogue from rang de basati..(by ur fav. maddy..)..."System ko kharab bolna bahut aasaan hai..agar system itna hi kharab lagta hai to utho aur usko change karo..!!"..

  4. One suggestion, it would be great if you write a sincere letter to family members of Bijoy they are the people who really have lost something....baki public to public hai...!!!