Friday, October 05, 2007

in love again!!!

yesterday when i was watching television with my di and jij ... i realised I have fallen in love again with the same personality!!!
the personality is 'SEL' - shankar ehsan Loy

The beats that they give, the music they make..its really wonderful, shankar will sing so beautifully any of his songs without an effort in a crystal clear voice(well thats true for all grt singers but still...)..
The tunes that they make is not the standard indian movie style and thats what sets them apart..
When they started giving music in movies like rockford/DCH I started loving them but slowly with time I forgot that they are still there and instead was thinking that they are jobless(how dumb of me!!) wen they were giving music to lotsa songs/movies..
like for kajrare/KHNH/KANK/johny gaddar/jbj etc etc..
after listening to them yesterday i re-realised that having the talent to sing/play music is on of the most wonderful gifts that one can ask for!!

Now I am in love with SEL's music again..


  1. Yeah i like their music as well...i agree with you...The good thing in their music is that each song is very different from the other and every time these guys comeup with some good tune...its marvellous..isnt it?

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I am happy that you are finding yoruself again. Singing is really good and you had forgotten that..