Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mediocre but Arrogant - the lastest book on my read list.
Well I had never heard of this book till a friend of mine put its author's blog link in his gtalk status..and he told me he is planning to buy this for long - so the generous me went ahead and bought it for him as his b'day gift:) and to read for self also :) after all its a fiction and he gave me a book well read ;)(just joking boss! i wud have asked u later otherwise)
Coming to the book- its the MBA version of 5. someone!but i cud relate much more to this book as I can relate the traits of characters in the book to my friends and profs in my MBA .. the book has a lots of additional masala may be to keep it interesting which is unnecessary at times. while some situations are so real coz u have seen them happening in front of u..
It made my 2 years of MBA pass in front of my eyes as the book progressses...
Overall a gud read..


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  2. Ok... I will read this as soon as I am done with Shantaram.