Monday, February 25, 2008

targets to achieve..

yaar its raining marriages left right and center..
If a long time no see friend pops up in messenger window I am 99% sure the reason for that...
and most of the times I am correct..Oh yes they got / getting engaged and are getting married this year..
Well its nice to hear but I just feel that its the count in my friends list that will go down .. :(
today is one of my best friend's marriage and i am sitting here typing this..
another of my friend shared his marriage news wid me this morning..
So busy the life becomes that U cant be part of ur near and dear one's happiness !!
How cruel the situation is..

Well I started this post for another reason..its about the places that onw wants to see...
With my friends going for honeymoon to locations like manali, shimal etc etc I am thinking which is the place I would like to go to ..(NOT on honeymoon but just go there)I have recently been to kerala and dint enjoy there much and have got a bad experience of destroying my motorazr2 :( irrepairably damaged my cell... :((

Ths got me thinking abt the places I want to go and actually see in addition to Europe there is something which I recently found on net..Clubmed... they provide packages at amazing destinations!!!
Its ages after which I have got the feeling that I should go to some place.
dont believe me check this out

Its midblowingly amazing..
I want to go there and get pampered!!!
Now I have got at least one thing to aspire for!!!


  1. nice places man...u need any assitant :)

  2. this desire to go different places is an illusion...sab kuch mithya hai.! :)

  3. You do deserve a break.

  4. I understand you work in Club Mahindra!!

  5. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Yes! marriage is such a good news to hear... as long as it is happening to someone else. ha ha!

    Hey! me was just passing by and stumbled on your blog. Random Thoughts is a nice title and it is so very relevant. Moreover, I liked the play of words with your name in there.

  6. @ boogerwormie: I DO!!
    @ shaks: yes I do work there but this is different...
    @ anonymous: Thanks! :)

  7. Good blog rt... balanced and dil se... just like the blogger updating it!!

    I'll be back... keep writing!!