Wednesday, May 28, 2008

blog Fad?

So AB and AK both are blogging...
good for them as well as their fans tooo... (btw I like both of them except AB in some firy roles)

Having read a lot many allegations, controversies associated with them I decided to check them out,

Just googled both of them, got the exact link on top of the list...
but alas...Amitabh's blog address is named bigb ???

I believe a nick name is something that others call u with and not what you present yourself as.

Scrolling thorugh them I reaslied that one is a blog while the other is perosnal journal with dates and looks like movie promotions...

So is the blog all about his celebritydom only or is it about him..
If it is about him (as himself) then I feel its a real bad site address...
Well its upto the individual only but I am highly disappointed :(
Till date I believed a lot in the humility associated but now I am not so sure..

The other looks more like a blog with its gaps between posts etc rather than a journal...with dates and days...and movie posters..

1 comment:

  1. Yeah... I was quite disappointed too. Amir's blog has him apologizing in every post for not turning up on chat. Amitabh sounds too arrogant... it seems like he is justifying himself all the time.
    Is it their blogs or our expectations from them?