Thursday, March 12, 2009

namak ...

so i am a namak person...
which means to say i cant survive for a single day without namak (excet the 3-4 days of fasting i do during the whole year)..
I cant survive on anything sweet for the whole day- even if its just fruits (i.e. less sugar) leave alone the sweets...i need to have salt everyday of my life!

I try to taste the different vegetarian food styles and usually get bored of them sooner than later..and most of the trials are for something thats salty (even bland will do) but not sweet..

similarly i am on an experimental mode for the kind of books i am reading.
I started reading with sidney sheldon when i joined my engineering...that was the time when i had much easy access to books..even my first MB, Nancy Drew, Archies was only during 1st year on engg..

So i started with sidney , moved through Ayn rand, Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham, mario puzo etc ..

my favourites have been margaret mitchell( gone with the wind), Jeffrey archer and Jane Austen.. all different genre and one of the best in theirs...

My last crush was classics - owing to Jane Austen and now I am trying to read something different between i read a book by kiran doshi which was just in was good.

well coming to my last trial - I read a nobel prize winner- Onitsha by Jean-Marie Gustave, it was detailed in description - reminding me of arundhati roy's GOST..and another detailed book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ (which was scary)...I think the book did have something to tell and that was picked out of the ordinary lives that so many people live.. Its tuf to make a unhappening life the subject of story and write aout it...Still i dint enjoy the book much since every time i kept on waiting for something interesting to happen...but i liked the ending of the book..

After Onitsha i wanted to read something different again which would not be a classic but not a sidney and somewhere randomly i picked "broken verses" - an echo inside may says its a name that i have heard before..
Anyways so I finally finished the book the night before and am on a reading break for a couple of days. The book is good and well written, it doesnt builtup much expectations and so its good to have a not the usual "..and they lived happily ever after kind of ending." A couple of things that strike me in the book and will linger in memory for a longer time are:

- "...the minions came again today" - i keep on reading the meaning of word minion again and again and will forget every couple of days. this sentence keeps recurring in my mind again and again and though funny its amusing to keep repeating it again- even though if its just in my mind...

- the author's / protagonist's idea that we all live as a character in the story that we weave for our life.. I particularly like this idea coz it reinforces my view that "we become what we like"

Of all my trials i have been a failure in reading non fiction. The best i managed is an autobiography Lee Iacocca -that too just once and may be 'cause its a semi fiction!!

next on blog...are movie reviews.


  1. I didnt quite see the relevance between salty foods and books but if you really like namak, try sea food! Fish, prawns, crab meat and squid would be a great way to start and in the order of listing!

  2. @ hriday - link apparently except i was craving for something salty when i started the post...
    thanks for the suggestion..but i am really happy without trying sea food..i am contented with my lays, kurkures :) :)

  3. Seems like my lucky day... another post by you... Too much salt makes the body bloated... avoid salt on a day you want to fit into your party clothes. You fast??? Wow!!!

  4. @bul: i am already past my party clothes and in clothes ha ha!!!
    well i sometimes do manage to fast ;)

  5. haven't read the book on wch slumdog is based...however the mvie was quite engrossing...pacy, taut and with some grt camerawork spanning the mumbai locales....

  6. I am sweet lover. Can practically live just eating ladoos - and now that I said it - I would want to have one NOW ...

  7. Mujhe bhi koi book suggest kar na..I am craving to read one. Lekin aaisi jo main bachha-ghar-office ke saath manage kar sakun.
    Good fiction with a tinge of philosophy. And suggestion?