Friday, May 08, 2009

it's been a hiatus...wherein some good things happend and some bad..
I got to visit home and spend time with my nephew..the best thing...met a few close friends after long..

Had a really cathartic experience yesterday talking to bul..thanks bul for being there and listening to me and making me see something which i wanted to avoid..

I have met some new people in march from UK. It was a real pleasure meeting them..
It was a eye opener in some aspects like as much ignorant they are about our culture and cuisines etc so are we about theirs/..

I also realised that similar sense of humour (sarcasm) prevails across both the countries..

and i got to learn a lot many things plus I received a wonderful gift - a thomas hardy book(whose collection I am reading nowadays)..I think that was very thoughtful of themm..

I had a discussion with a friend of mine about the same and he said yes I guess that India is great when it come to big things like teh overall culture and etc etc but we ignore small things like this...

Well I wish some people in my life do realise the importance of these small things which come together to form a snowball...having a huge impact at the end...


  1. Hey... anytime... what are friends for? You have been there for me too. And I have been through that stage... it sucks... but I guess thats life.

  2. Agree.. the cultural ignorance is on both sides, and it can be very interesting to bridge the gap.

    Nice to know you have Anonymous admirers :)