Tuesday, June 02, 2009

BF or Show offs

A while ago actually couple of years ago my friends around used to say that if a guy has a girl friend he will show her off. Kinda way he stands tall amongst his peers just because he has got a GF and was considered better than others....
For sometime i thought this wasnt the case but I did come across some people of this variety which was a horrifying scenario considering that in most cases GFs were bimbos trying to act stylish and all.. There were some simple sati savitris as well who used to be totally devouted to their BFs but mostly belonged to the earlier category. There were a few normal ones in between as well..

Coming to the topic- all us middle class people have seen it in movies, high society drama series on TV that like guys, gals also have been nurturing some trophy BFs or trophy husbands. Well more of the earlier kind.
some days ago I was at a westside store where the staff had very basic skills and were not able to cope with the pressure (5 billings in an hour...phew) and was just moving towards the counter while a billing was going on..a lady with her BF(sorry dint notice him enuf to comment which category he belonged to) jumped the queue from other side and threw her stuff on the counter while the staff was still trying to clean up the earlier customer's mess...
Wel being the stupid samaritan that i am , I let her go with this, leaving my purchases at the counter and moved to se other stuff in teh store...coming back after 15 min the couple was still there filling up membership forms and all...and while I was cribbing about the same to my friend who was there with me..how long these guys(staff) are taking to solve this it feels like I have been standing here for 2 hours or so....the show off just went away saying that i wil take 4 hours..I hate such people and such attitude!!! but I guess I asked for it...lesson- never let ur turn go


  1. I hate such girls too... hope I have not become like any of them... You should always stand up for yourself... Indians have the bad habit of breaking queues.

  2. hey never never let go of your turn....
    Just because we love shopping and wont mind an extra round in mall/shop doesnt mean their time is more precious than our and they can just jump before us in line...!

    I liked the way post started, but i didnt like the way those guys snapped you even when u had been very nice to them by letting them go with their jumping in between act ! Aaaah We-are-something-Show-Off-guys..!

  3. @buls: u havent...not till now..
    @lopa: a lesson learnt the hard way...

  4. @ rt..
    .. we have to look at it this way ... Doosre mall mai bigger sale hai... en u can rush for ur turn :P
    or who knws rush out widout billin..

    AS far as the show off factor is concerned... human tendency .. not restricted to a particular sex... atleast i feel so

  5. @mysterio: i agree its not gender specific...all the genders can show off....