Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Instant Noodles are not good for has blah blah blah AND Blah..." it also gives u stones!!!
this is a scary statement that often crops up in mind when I go for my cuppa/bowla noodles..
so we tried out the new foodles- instant noodles by horlicks(ring a health note somewhere) and ready to switch if its as good as my 2
Tried two flavours- Mast masala and spicy...something
as it turned out spicy something was black pepper and mast masala was tangy tomato..
These are the one word descriptors that flashed across my mind once i tasted the flavours..
In our testing team (family members) of 4 (of which 3 are maggi maniacs)the verdict was 35%..two ppl dint like it at all... I said it was not so bad and one said its as good as maggi....

Apart from that the marketing is a waste...i was trying to search for the second flavour name and have been googling for last 10 minutes to find it...!!
who launches a brand without a damn good website nowadays??!
or has the company already accepted that they have made a flop product?? or have they run out of their budgets with the first burst of ads itself- all across the newspaper and hoardings!!! Dint expect such brand promotion failures from a well established brand!!!!
Even Bingo is doing much better ads and marketing promotions (they even had a rep coming to my home for gathering ad feedbacks!!) though it tastes like MUD!!!

All in could have been a success but due to failed marketing activities and not so great product surely looks like going to be a flop..

..PS: I am still googling....and now I have stopped!! 20 minutes atleast!


  1. Product is bad... so is marketing... how could it have been good?

  2. @bul: product is okay, marketing started wid a bang but fizzed out after tht...
    so the combo cud have been gud!!

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  4. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Yaha bhi khana..uf , aur use marketing ki Khaal main chupa rahe ho :)

  5. @Anon: i live to eat! :) chupaya nahin bataya hai!!