Monday, August 09, 2010

unlinked thoughts

all my google ads are "the economist-China something something"- dont understand how and why and what those huge red reactnagles are doing on my orangish page :-/

was reading shobha de's CWG post - think that all these culprits should be made to do community work rather than being put behind the bars- it will be beneficial for both the state and public. For state as these culprits will get lesser time to think with their empty minds and for public - obviously coz we would like to visit cleaner public toilets and walk on cleaner roads..may be they can plant some trees too and water them daily :)

Have watched no new movies, have read no new books to write about...pure laziness ..
was reading compilation of Tagore's letters from CF Andrews - its too philosophical to make me uncomfortable so given up :-/
Loving the time I spend with Gogol(my nephew)- he does so many things to draw our attention to him... my adorable darling


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