Tuesday, March 20, 2012

scribbling again

its been months since i last posted ..not that the stuff i want to write about is lacking, instead the stuff increases every thinking moment. but the excuses/reasons to not type out are many foremost being laziness.
I also wondered why are we(bloggers) actually creating so much garbage in the form of posts and links and photos. Will it really make a difference in anyone's life or rather wud anyone care/miss a blog(ger) post if its nt being updated.
questions such as these stopped me from typing out, but yeah i got bored of coming to my blog and not seeing anything new so i thought as much to get back in the groove again.
well its not so easy to get the flow so i am going to start with the easiest things to do - reviews - movies first and then if i can some restaurants.

So i watched 3 movies in this year till date
1. Ek main aur ek tu: only god knows why this movie was made? terrible one. Not even have decent dialogues /punches..no nothing zilch. not a leg shaking number even (auntiji isnt as good). Bad job by kareena as well as imraan. Why was Kareena's dad so out of sync wid normal world- yes u r liberal but thats just too much. Why did i decide to watch it!! :(

2. The Iron Lady: Even though we wacthed it not on the same week of release it hadnt gathered any great reviews inspite of Meryl Streep. So the doubting antennas were up, went without much expectation - the movie brought them lower! The movie could have been made so much better if the focus was on the years when Thatcher was an Iron lady and not a senile old lady! terrible work and wastage of a talent like meryl.

3. Kahani: So after two disasters one good movie that I could actually watch. A great movie, the expectations had been set high because of the reviews and the movie just fulfills them. No mindblowing performance per se( yeah all are good but not the best I would say or may be i wasn't so terribly impressed as others coz i was unwell) Definitely a worthy watch all in all. If Vidya wasn't made a pregnant woman i guess it wouldn't have gathered such rave reviews. and yeah i missed the promo song 'ami shotti bolchi' that might have changed my rating further up ;)

OK enuf..restaurant reviews in next post!

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