Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fiction Vs non Fiction

I love reading fiction..

But being an MBA student its expected that I do read some business books..

Business I feel is more about common sense applied even in uncommon situations..

So going by the so called gud habits currently I am reading Get better or get beaten by some one (ofcourse as usual I dont remember the author.. its a non-fiction) .. its abt jack welch.. I have tried reading Jack welch earlier as well..his autobiography JACK but cudnt read it for more than a few hunderd pages..but I read it more as a duty rather than for interest.. similar was the case for "made in japan"
I enjoyed Lee Iacoca's autobiography though... read it in engineering college..
coming back to the current book..

I feel there is very less or almost nothing that I will gain from this book..
rather I feel I gain more when I read a book by john grisham or jefrey archer..
seriously I mean I loved the book "As the crow Flies", "Not a penny more not a penny less" etc..
These authors write about fictional characters who are very smart and intelligent and I feel I can learn more from them.

There is another benefit: U can not find the fault with these fictional characters but u can do so easily with the real heros..

Another thing I feel is that these non-fictional books talk about one topic for much more than required.. I dont understand how something that can be said in 1 line needs a 800 page book..

These books are more boring than even the prescribed text books for our course.

Well all said and done..
if I have to say that I love reading may be I need to take names of more "Business Books" rather than jeffrey archer and john grishams..atleast for interviews..

chlao than let me go back to my so called Business book..


  1. hey, now i dont feel intimdated about u reading a business book while i pile all the books on my desk... fiction as well as non-fiction... hope u complete this one

  2. As far as im concerned I would prefer to pass my time in the company of a bad fiction than amidst a well appreciated 'Business' book... kinda hate those sermonizations, get-it-right type of books...
    maybe that's the way i am...

    Anyways... nice to know tht "RT" stands for Artee... keep up the good work!
    I'll visit ur blog again... provided I remain alive and I don't forget!!