Saturday, August 05, 2006


its a weekend again and I love it :)

today is saturday.. have a party tonite and no classes 2mrw so will sleep till late..yippie thats the perfect weekend!!

I always believe that whatever one does, however demnading the job is there shud be a relaxing break in works the best for me..

During school we had 6 days week so never thought of saturday as different from other weekdays..same in engg college.but after joining my job saturday IS A WEEKEND..
and there shd be no classes or work on that day..

for the last one year have been trying to take saturday as working day but still my mind and heart refuses to accept this..

so my mind is half off in all the classes of saturday..
well rest of the days its totally off :)

a few things that I love doing leisurely on weekends:

* Sit and listen to music of my choice like I am doing now...

tum pukar lo..
tumhara .aa intezaar hai..

* lie on my bed and watch the rains outside from the bedside window

* read a nice fiction novel...

* surf on the net without the aim of getting info for an assignment..

just now chkd my time table for the next few weeks and can see that this is the last leisurely weeknd :(

neways instead of worryng abt the future.. am going to enjoy my last weeknd..

I love weekends :)

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