Monday, August 07, 2006

alien species

I was shocked today when some one just spoke so rudely to me that I cudnt even answer..
I dont really understand how can people talk to anybody like this..
I have often observed that some people with a little achievement will think no end to themselves..
and I really dont appreciate them..
seriously I mean wats wrong with them,...
why cant they treat others like human beings..
There can be many reasons for their acheivements may be luck, maybe they got better environment to develop their talents or maybe they worked hard.., but therz nothing like that they are superior to others in ne sense..

and i have observed genarally that people who have achieved something not totally because of their talents but through other ways are more proud of their achievements..
why cud that be so?
may be coz they are not confident about their achievements themselves and are insecure..
its like this: a confident employer will select a better employee than him/her self but an insecure employer wud never do so..
I believe and follow this::Every Human being shud respect others..


  1. hey, what the hell happened? is it time for a little gossip?

  2. i hope u are not talking about me:))
    I do boast sometimes infront of u...but thats just to tease u..u understand that i know:))

    Dont get disturb by others behaviour..they are unfortunate ones....

    And i truely belive in what u belive...thats why i respet u soo much..hehe:))