Saturday, August 12, 2006

moving on..

just went to a hostel birthday celeb..
cake and wishes and a thought crossed my mind..
life is all about moving on..
wen u celebrate another birthday u start moving on and away from what all the past year brought to u.. all happy and sad occassions and they will all soon turn into memories some bitter some sour...
wen u move from one place to another or one institute/ organisation to another its about moving on..
moving away from all the old friends and relations and towards the new ones..
I feel I have moved a lot.. schooling in one city, college in another, job in two more then again studies in the fifth city... dunno which place to call as home now..
and with every change I keep on loosing some of my friends and the wonderful times I had with them and they all become memories..
but its difficult for me to move fast..
I generally hang on to my old friends for longer than they do..
and then when I realise its too late and I get disappointed and it feels worthless to form new friends..its better to remain alone and just have acquaintances..
but u cant help it.. u start as acquaintance than u become friends and the whole cycle repeats again...


  1. hmm... true. moving on is soooo difficult. why cant we just stay where we are? but i realise the worth of the moments and friends only once i move on.

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Hi RT ,
    just checked you profile . found the link on orkut :)

    Nice post ( keep on posting )

    your not so old acquaintance

    want any hint ... how is your maddy . guess then leave me scrap ...

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  4. dont worry...some people are so shameless(like me)..they will come behind whereever u go, howmuch ever u try to ward them off..

  5. Anonymous11:18 PM

    But then if ur alone....whom do u share ur happiness worries......u keep it to urself.....i dont belive in this.....after all what are friends for!!!!!


  6. to anonymous: Thanks!! But I still dont know who u are!! evryone knows am a maddy fan.. so give a better clue!!

  7. Anonymous1:05 AM

    well then how many of your friends know you carry the picture of two person in your purse :))

  8. to anonymous: hey thats not a hint enuf..lotsa ppl know how many pics are there in my purse!!