Thursday, August 17, 2006

travelling times

When I was doing my engg. my college was in a city that was around 19 hrs (expanding to somewhere between 22-24 hrs courtsey Indian rails) away from my home town.. and we used to go home every two I used to travel a lot and it was usually alone..
I used to enjoy it initially with some fiction novel to read and listening to music on walkman (which actually i bought as a present for my sis and which she rarely got the chance to use..owing to me).. except in summers when cudnt think of anything other than the scorching heat..
since last 2 and half years have been living in coastal region with a beautiful scenic green view in rains but humid at other times .. u dont feel tired when travelling in this region .. the greens of nature soothe ur eyes.. unlike in north India when its really tuf to find so much greenery..atleast in the regions which i frequented..
at some places it looks like kerala backwaters... too beautiful...
today I made a short trip to udupi..went alone so made some interesting observations..

* on a medical shop board - sincere despensers
* on a beauty parlour hoarding - herbel and chemical
* cleaner are ur jeans higher is the number of cars zooming past u via a pothole.
* The thickness of a guy's moustache is directly proportional to his heroship in south Indian cinema and to his villanious character in bollywood..this i realised when i saw a hoarding of a guy who will be assigned the role of the strongest goon in any hindi movie but here it wasnt so..he was recoomending something to the junta..means he is a gud guy..


  1. umm... south is beautiful.. but i dont understand how they find the south indian actors hot... i mea, that changes the entire definition of "hot".

  2. Anonymous11:22 PM

    I HATE LONELINESS.....some how i try not to be.......Taking time off for urself is another thing altogethrer though