Sunday, August 20, 2006

purpose of my blog express my feelings but for that I can always use paper and pen.. I started too but.. nowadays I find it much difficult to write with a pen.. fingers on the keyboard are easier and more comfortable..
Wen I started I thought I will keep it anonymous but than I myself forgot about it(pwd and username) so i started with a shortform but than I told one of my friends and later put it on my gmail and orkut account so now I cant put my frustations about anyone over here and have to go back to paper and pen.. but I can still test my writing skills here...

I always want to try out my hands at various things, dreamt of writing also.. but havent been able to think about a subject and than all the jhamelas of publishing, printing etc and who will buy coz I cant write in a flow neither can I think in a flow...I might have to pay a person to read, print, publish my book..or maybe I will be the sole author, publisher, printer, reviewer, critique, fan of my book and since I cant afford to do so much I have dropped the idea..
so maybe I wud never be able to write a book but I can still blog and some ppl may still read :)


  1. some people would still read i m sure...

  2. u can start a seperate blog and keep that to ur self....a personal one....

  3. hey... blog has a new look... i like it

  4. to obliterated:
    thnks for the idea but I have decided to adopt primitive pen and paper for that..

    to bul: Thnks dear!

  5. Anonymous8:45 AM

    are dear ,

    sorry bahut dino baad check kara tera blog .. but i can tell you you wont have to pay someone to read your feelings/thoughts..

    keep up the good work :)

  6. How come no new postings..?? its been a long time...