Saturday, September 02, 2006


finally after a short break..
I thought as soon as I will get wi-fi I will start writing daily in my blog..but alas!! I have been very busy for the last one week since wi-fi came..
the schedule is so tight that I doze off evn while reading a fiction novel..
something that has never happened to me before..
currently I am reading 'The last juror' by John grisham and last book that i finished was 'Two lives' by Vikram seth.
Two lives is about vikram seth's grand uncle and aunt-uncle from India and Aunt from germany.. The book describes in quite deatil about the various attrocities that were incurred upon the German Jews..At these points I cudnt manage to read more than a single page at a time.. its really saddening.. I really felt blessed wen compare myself wid the likes of such people who suffered so much..But I still wonder wat was their fault?!!
Its unimaginable how can a human being make a fellow human being suffer so much.. I would never b able to comprehend it.. I tried reading hitler's autobiography but stopped after a few pages.. even before his rising to power.. I dont knw wat effect it wud have made on my mind if I read it full. I heard from someone that people actually start understanding the logic behind his moves after reading the book... LOGIC?!! I really doubt it...

On the other hand there are some things in these fiction books that I get really amazed by: the kind of knowledge every character in the book pocess about all sorts of things like the kind of wines and every kind of food which go with it, nearly all kinds of music and dances, all kinds of games and so on.. and above all to write all this the kind of knowledge an author possesses!! I cant even remember the names of all the fictions I have read and to remember things in such detail is next to impossible for for the time being I have dropped the plan of writing a novel :)
I shud better write my reports and cases for college.


  1. well considering the intervals between your previous blogs this isn't a short breakk...!

    Ohh you very much so that you dozing off while reading a fiction novel...hmmm...but i wonder how come u getting time to read the fiction novel...but dont bother i have this problem of not understanding good things..:))

  2. Anonymous5:31 PM

    this is a good idea...u should post ur synopsis of the books that u read...

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  4. If you ever happen to publish a book...send me the first signed copy of it..

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    its nice to have your link back on orkut .. thanks ... par yaar yeh kaun se novel main tumne winse ke bare main pad liya .. i would also like to know :) .. par tum aur wine kya baat hain ....

    regular visitor