Wednesday, September 06, 2006

school days!!

had a real long day today was in college from 9 am to 11 pm, came back only for lunch and dinner..
then while orkutting visited one of my school communities .. some discussions about the teachers..
well those were teachers..
I once heard from someone that school days are always the best.. well then and even now I believe thats true.. those are the golden days of one's life.. no huge worries except malicious acts, no politics, no back-stabbing and yeah no professionalism betwen the friends..
while reading abt my high school teachers I realised that I have actually forgotten a lot abt them.. it seems so far off that it looks like some distant movie I saw ages back...
one particular incident i remember..those days the Zakhir Husain's TAJ ad was at its peak.. and myself having shoulder length hair would imitate him playing Tabla on my desk.. and shaking my head like him with all hair falling in front..
once I was entertaining my frndz wid the same show my chemistry teacher walked in.. and he started laughing saying"abey yeh to tabla baja rahi hai..."
I went red in the face!!
but I have always laughed at that incident afterwards..
those were the days I loved..
from my experience I have felt that the higher u move in this ladder of education, lesser is the influence of ur teachers on ur life, atleast this stands true for me..
I miss my school days like anything....
Even my engg college days were so much fun ...far better than the professional worlds of MBA and jobs..
If I could just turn around time...


  1. Anonymous12:55 AM

    hey... That is so true... but I dont agree that teachers influence diminishes as you grow older... There are some prof in TAPMI I really respect even though I would never try to get close to them like in school. I wish I could turn back time too

  2. Anonymous12:56 AM

    oye... the above post is by me... boogerworm. since my blog is beta and urs is not... i cant post on ur blog using my id

  3. WOW..a nice nostalgic post..!!
    School days were really the best (for all the reasons that u mentioned)..i couldn't agree with you more....I still remember many things about my school days..they were really so nice...All u can do now is be in touch with those frnds and teachers..

  4. Anonymous7:09 PM

    school days are generally most memorable for anybody...i agree...coz that was the time one grew up n we were so naive the journey of discovery was exciting n enthralling...still even our college experiences will occupy a small part of the memories later in life i guess...ciao - joy

  5. haha...u imitating zaahir hussain...i should have been there..!!!!