Saturday, September 16, 2006


we are doing NGO project as part of our curriculum for 10 days..
Now I dunno the actual reason behind putting this in our schedules may be CSR for our college as an organisation.may be something else..but I have made certain observations related to this...people making plans of visiting goa, attending to family weddings, shopping for upcoming marriages of siblings..
and yeah some people are making resolutions to continue soical work through out their lives..I hope they are able to fulfill it..why is it that until we are put face to face with the suffering we dont acknowledge its existence..!!are there so many sufferings or we prefer to be forgetful..??!I wud go with the earlier..coz if we just keep on thinking of all the wud stop and things wont move..we need to aceept some things as part of a bigger plan and keep moving with our the same time doing our part if ever getting an opportunity..

I heard an intersting news piece just now..some engineer had cut the electricity connection of CM's residence in maharahstra...hats off had lakhs of rupees bill due..and added to that the most intersting thing he got his job back after getting suspended..way to go..if everyone has similar guts to stand up and do their duty honestly!!

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  1. yeah..rather than thinking about bad things and becoming sad, its better if one could make any difference...