Monday, September 18, 2006

KKKYa title doon?

"ab ghar mein jab sab theek ho raha hai to tum rishton mein duriyan kyun la rahi ho"
this dialogue from the never ending K series..
I am at home and all these K series types are unavoidable..
and so is the resulting headache..
nowadays the main programs on TV hold less of my interest than the intermediate advertisements..
the creativity for making amazing ads like closeup's kya aap close karte hain?? to thanda matlab coca cola to the latest cadbury's eclairs do numbers hain..
Wat wud our life be without these ads..
not so great but wat wud have been our lives without these K series and similar types..definitely hundres times better..
Wat are these serials trying to sell us...
Atleast 2-3 marriages per lead character is compulsory and than rebirths of dead people ...
Women who wear suits and sarees are better than those wearing jeans and skirts..
Do we decide the character of a person according to their dressing??!!
I have heard similar comments in real life..but is it true that a dress style decides a person's character?!


  1. well i a way dressing style do indicate ones attitude..but that can not be held as an ultimate indicator....
    Wat are these serials trying to sell us...?
    well they are making money...thats waht they want...

  2. Anonymous3:02 PM

    hehehehehe.... the other day i watched "brand equity" on some news channels. they were showing the old gold spot ads... it was damn good.


  3. ha ha ha good 1!!!

    but i agree wid obliterated... though dressing isn't everything, but it does talk about the person... take me for example ;)