Saturday, October 07, 2006

I learnt about a gud news and a bad news today(actually chkd the news after a long time).. both related to the state am residing in..karnataka.
first the bad news- therz been communal riots in mangalore..the place where i stayed for 1 year..indepenently in my flat no pg first feeling of being on a result of these riots therz been a curfew in the district..sad really, as one of my profs who is locked up in his flat (because of this) was wondering have we become so intolerant to have riots over trivial issues.... I dunno that..I think in general I have been thinking that the society has become more tolerant..accepting intercaste marriages, love-marrriages, gals staying on their own, late marriages because of career, with a more open mind..there are however a few amongst us for whom their greed stands above everything else..maybe their families also..
second news is a gud one: karnataka govt has made english and kannada compulsory for all schools from 1st standard..a few days back the govt decided to shut down a few schools. On hearing that I thanked my stars that I am not in school now..cudnt think of the plight of the affected children and wat will happen to their careers with schools going off in mid its resolved they wil be open til session ends..however the reason of schools closing down was that they were english medium while some of them had permission for running a kannada school only..what a reason to shut down schools and play with childrens’ future.I feel English is an essential skill needed to be learned by everyone..
I am not a pro-English or anything but if that’s the language of the planet than I really question how can we stay aloof from the world when we have so much to do with it ...


  1. hmm...nice thots about english....
    Also riots in manalore, well let me tell u..this is not the first time..i have seen many such riots in that area i m not surprised///

  2. instant delivery of coments isn't it..:)

  3. Your first bad news contains a good news(more tolerance)...and the second good news contains a bad news(school shutdown..)

  4. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Riots dont seem unusual anymore. Look at what happened at Godhra... I dont know whay they do what they do. Nobody knows why and how some decisions are reached. If only we could implant cameras in the rooms while the discussions are in progress. Now that would be so much fun. Is pe sting operation karna chahiye.