Saturday, October 07, 2006

morning post!!

this is an odd time of putting a post for me...
at 9 o'clock in the morning..but yesterday I was too tired todo so..
I finished my midtheme/endtheme exams yesterday..
nowadays I get bored sitting inside an examination I run off as fast as I can..I am generally the first one to leave the hall..
during my SADN exam I finished the paper in 40 minutes and left the hall ..(duration was 1.5 hrs.)..and my friend sitting behind me went like oh s*** seeing me leaving so early..
Yesterday we had brand mgmt paper which was supposedly a 3 hrs paper as declared earlier ..there was a lot to write..but when I saw the paper it said 2.5 hrs..I was happy see that I wont have to write for 3 hrs..but unfortuantely some of my friends dint read that and planned according to 3 hrs so they weren't able to finsih..
one of my colleagues said when she started the paper it was times new roman font size 12 style but when she realised its just 5 min left the size grew to 72..amazing no!!!
I generally write in font size 40 because its tuf to drag my self to write..
writing with pen..its really tuf..every time my exams approach i have a fear whether I would be able to write or not.
have become habituated to typing..
After coming to ths college at the end of all tuf exams I treat myself for having sat in the exam hall and actually writing something..
so yesterday also as usual I treated myself with a fiction novel by john grisham-king of torts..heard gud reviews about it..and I am actually enjoying it..
few days back I finished reading khushwant singh's autobiography..
It was really captivating..I wonder in my 70s and 80s(if heaven forbid I reach there)whether I will be able to remember about my younger days in so much detail as he does about his..I am really amazed at his memory..may be writing diary helped him lot..
there seemed to be exaggerations at many places but I think its a necessary evil to keep things interesting..
In his book he has hinted about nepotism playing one of the most important role in the allocation of various posts in the Indian govt. just after made me think if its true?!!and if it is..we cant blame the leaders of today..politics has always been like that..its not just the leaders of the day..they have just worsened the situation thats all..


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    wow... so many thoughts at 9 am? U r definitely a morning person or just addicted to the net... nobody was online for chatting, kya?
    Anyway, I used to love writing. In theme 2 or 3, we were given an eco assign which we had to submit in pen and not print out. I had written it twice... my groupies were hoping I would show such dedication in the other assign too (I never did).
    I love typing now and writing is something I just not used to.

  2. Its seems you write very fast.! becoz i m sure u dont flunk in exams...
    and i guess bul is right..if u dont get anybody to chat with, you can always ping me...