Monday, October 30, 2006

life long friends!

how does one define friendship??
when we are kids friends are those who wud be sharing their tiffins with us, will run around the whole school with us playing catch-catch and with whom we wud have fights with hair being pulled...i still cant believe but i am told that i used to fight like that with my best friend when i was a toddler...
moving a little ahead in life we still define friends as those who play with us, share with us not just the tiffins but other stuff like comics etc..and with who are our partners in crime..
when we reach high schools and most of the people turn selfish in terms of sharing notes etc we define friends as who share their notes and who help us and whom we help in studies, and along with other things who share gossips with us..
when we join graduate college friends are the people who think like us, who laugh at same jokes with us, whom we go out shopping with, whom we ask opinion about our dresses, other friends and whom we start trusting with our secrets..there are minor disputes but on trivial matters, generally its a peaceful relation..
when we join a job we have lesser of friends and more of colleagues, or professional friends..we may not agree with them but we cant fight with them, we cant trust them fully, therz always comparison for appraisals, for promotions..only a very very few people can transcend across that limit..
in present context friendships are more professional even wen we are in high school , the innocence of friendship is lost...
other than these there are few friends who travel with us for a longer time i.e. more than just one of the above stages..
and than a day comes in most of our lives wen we get a newer and more convenient friend and forget the old ones..
than what is a life long friendships?? Is it real??
If anyone has a lifelong friend, (s)he is one of the most luckiest person on this planet...


  1. Dont worry you are the luckiest person on the planet for more than one reasons(only if you think practically)!!!...:))

  2. Anonymous8:06 PM

    thats why you should treasure the friends that you have... see, with old friends you have shared a past.. they have seen you evolve and understand you better... right now, we dont have time for family, forget about friends...

  3. Anonymous12:11 AM

    frns are least best frnds are...they stick with you always...and thts despite the distances et al...bye. - joy