Tuesday, October 24, 2006

thats how old/young I am now...
this is the second time I celebrated my b'day without any of my family members around :( its a sad feeling..
I have been staying away from my home for the last around 8 yrs still somehow I manage to be wid my family on my b'day..
However it was celebrated in the typical hostel way...my roomie got me a delicious cake and along with others decorated the room very beautifully wid diyas and candles..

Last year I was on phone till 2 o'clock this year my calls stopped at 12:30 :(
I wait all year for my b'day thinking that all my friends will call me up that day and it wil be a nice feeling ..but alas it dint happen..
I know i can call and talk to my friends but its a different feeling when everyone calls on the same day... maybe I feel important or think of myself as queen of the day..it somehow feels like my day..
neways many of them called through the day so it was ok..
still therz something missing some emptiness...
may be missing my family...

when we were in engg college we used to have dance parties in most of the birthdays but its not so here .. we just go and wish the person..have a piece or two of cake and than back..
maybe future will also be like this wid corporate life overtaking an individual's life...

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  1. gal disclosing her age!! and that too when she has become so much OLD...hehe.:)))

    You get bday wish calls till 2'o clock in the night!..good hai.