Saturday, October 14, 2006

lost love?!!

why do people do wat they do and then why do the leave doing what they love doing??
I have never understood this... i met one of my friends from engg today and chatted with him for some time..
he was gud at singing and playing guitar during engineering days..
I still remember he was the one from whom I borrowed the music of LOBO...I love some of its songs..and that brought me into liking of country music..
wen i asked him today howz his musicis going he said he quitted long time ago..
I felt really sad..there was no reason...he said I just dont feel like it ..
Now he is in a software firm and is leading a life of a typical single software engineer..
This is something that occurs to me time and again:- why do we loose all our childhood interests as we grow up..even though we realise that we wud be more happier if only we cud do wat we love to do..
sometimes wen we join a new job its very demanding ..accepted but later on a few months down the line we would be settled in the job and will have more time to spare and nothng to do..
But then also I feel most of us do not go back to our old loves..we keep on whiling away our time in most non productive ways..cribbing about jobs/life etc..
Its a punishment that we impose upon ourselves of not doing wat we want to do.
reason can be anything from jobs to studies to watever...
wat do we get by inflicting self pain and being a masochist??
I believe we would be a lot more happier if we just go back to our passions..
wats the harm..just give it a try??


  1. i guess when people decide to leave something...its mainly beacuase they dont like doing it any more(could be becoz of changin circumstances or whtever)..

    But you see i still do the things i am very passionate about(and u know wht it is, dont you?)...and trust i am not the kind who changes everyday..

    Also you write so many things..but do u actually behave the way u'd written?....!!

  2. Anonymous1:30 AM

    with all due respect...i beg to differ...
    i mean its not tht simple or easy to tune back into ur old interests...
    there can be many plausible reasons...
    the problem is u feel guilty and want to make it up and enjoy doing wat u did in ur earlier life...
    maybe with time these self imposed constraints melt away...but then thts only being optimistic...
    ciao - joy

  3. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Hey... sometimes we get bored and tired... we feel like we are stagnating... so, we stop doing it. we hate to feel that way... so, we just stop

  4. dude, i think its just the pure passion that leads one to make the decisions he makes in life. it is just the choices one makes that shapes our lives. i have made these choices in life and i have felt good abt it, but not all like to risk their life for a dream...