Thursday, December 21, 2006


as in many other institutions in our country my hostel has also got some pet street dogs ...
in my hostel a couple of puppies were born..and as usual won over the hearts of almost all ladies residing here...
on the way to mess..on the way out ..the puppies were being admired..played with..
the mother also got a little worry free may be ..(so many baby sitters free of cost..)
the routing went on for about a month..
...after watching absence of these puppies for two days I asked my friend wat happened??
she told me .."they have taken them away"
me: "who??"
frined: the watchman, the matron, the mess lady...
me: wat?..why?
friend: i dunno..
me: how do u know?
friend: i asked them...

I generally dont like animals but it made me think how cruel!!
I wondered.. is it the right thing to do,..i know if allowed to breed like this they will increase in numbers..but is it rite to take the small puppies away from their mother..
the state of mother has been sad for the last few days..
how humane is the decision of taking away those small puppies ..!!!
its an example of how we so called humans can be so inhumane!!!


  1. Yep... people can be so bitchy (no pun intended)... I miss those pups... :(

  2. sugeest them to sterilize the dogs around! bangalore thats wht they have done.......then no kids no taking away of any of them