Saturday, December 23, 2006

routines of life...
routine is a boring thought to think of but than thats one of the best things to have..
wen u have to go daily to someplace..even though u dont know where is it finally going to take u ..u dont have much time to think..and u go about the routine..
wen i finish any course..i feel liberated.."no more of XXXX in my life now"
wen i work is there going to be anything like that...
what will i look forward to there..
here in college i can count the number of classes remaining or the number of hours...and then it will be all over....
what will i do after passing out??
to continue survival there has to be some targets to achieve every year, every month every day ..or the life will stop..


  1. Yeah...this feeling of getting bored generally comes when a very anticipated, eagerly awaited event has passed,, ur case its the placements!

    Dont worry you will get enough things to get your mind into..for next some days,forget about the damn world..relax and enjoy!!

  2. I know what you mean... when we join work... our days will be mere routine...

  3. i can see my future in your posts!!:)