Thursday, December 28, 2006


its strange how when u have evrything at ur disposal u still feel that therz nothing of ur interest..
as its happening to me now..
i have books to read, assignments to do(worst but most urgent option), chatting with people, project work,or just surfing..but i am totally disinterested in evrything..
i can sleep but have deadlines to meet..
there was a time when i used to think that if i have all the above things to do i will never get bored..but here i am standing on this juncture..
i am not happy
i am not sad
i am not anxious
i am not excited
i am not tired
i am not enthusiastic
i am not enjoying my fav music :-/
i dont know what i am thinking/feeling as of now.. and its all the more confusing :S

1 comment:

  1. yeah i told you no...once the anticipated event(campus selection here) passes away..this is wat happens..shall i start calling you? :))