Thursday, December 28, 2006

sweet winter!

after three years of staying in this coastal area i get to see winter..
i have been dying to feel the winter wind..the chill it brings along
the time wen u get inside ur quilts and read/chat or listen to music..

i can never forget the winter days during my engg college..
temperature used to be too low..sometimes in single digits and we used to enjoy the weather to the also happend to be the time of our exams and the fair..
studying for exams sitting cosily inside the blankets wasnt an easy task but surely was fun!!
covered from head to toe (literally) except for face or sometimes just the eyes was really an amazing feeling..
there used to be long gaps between two exams so no going to college except for the exam days and rest of the time just trying to study from under the wraps..
i really miss those days..
getting up late in the morning (when the cook used to call for tea .."chai ban gayi hai aa jao"
it sounded like the most beautiful voice ;) in those days)
having "chai" with rusks or biscuits..newspaper and friends...
making plans for finshing off a part of the course...
after half-one hour of chai going back to rooms..trying to start the day..
wen the call for b'fast comes...
back to mess..
half an hour for b'fast..
getting ready for the day..
read 4-5 pages(max) in 2-3 hrs..
back to mess for lunch...
enjoying sun during the lunch..
going back to rooms to study..
doze off in half hour max..
get up in evening ...have chai again
go for a gole ghum ke aate hain
back to hostel ..studying(read chatting) sessions one of THE rooms (we used to have our addas in 1-2 rooms only for 7-8 ppl)..
have dinner ..than plan for study again..arey yaar kuch bhi nahin padha din bhar se..
try to study for another coupla hours..(read making after exam plans :) ... will go to this ride in the fair this time )
back to sleep under the wraps.........

sweet dreams...tomorrow I shall study ;)


  1. Hmm... I miss winter too. Hopefully, next year at this time I will be tucked in the blanket sipping hot tea. :)

  2. i thot manipal is also in the coast??!!