Friday, January 12, 2007

its been more than 10 days since i last blogged and I dint realise..
maybe I dint think much or maybe I am just too lazy to type all that I think..
watever but its a nice world I am living in now ..I am loving evry bit of it..even though I have to work and am not able to watch movies..but how can i enjoy the fun without having to do work...
like we never realise the importance of sucess without failure...
but in some things I dont want to risk a failure now!!
And the best thing is that it has been 10 DAYS and I havent overspent :)
let the two junkies realise this!!! ;)


  1. "Its a nice world i am leaving in now"... or "nice world i am living now"..spell check to karna chahiye na!

  2. @ obliterated: ohh no!!
    thanks will correct it..

  3. who are the 2 junkies??? And I know exactly why your life is so good right now..:P
    But, you deserve it!!!