Sunday, January 14, 2007

some reading done finally!!

finally i finished another book : God of small things by arundhati roy for which she got the booker prize..
its a very descriptive book...describing small grass particles to milipedes and centipedes in d extent of most of the things getting gross....
doesnt go well wid me!!
I read the book as a challenege... to test whether i can read something which i dont enjoy and is not compulsory(goes for the subjects in college)..well i won i guess...
the subject matter was gud enuf, the idea of telling it thru a child's view point is also great but the way its done is highly disappointing..
however there are somethings which are really great..
like the way every time the little twin related to her bro ...little man, rub a dub dub..its really cute..
the story line is also gud..though its might be a reality in someone's life (hope its not)...
comparing this with the other book i read before this - persuasion by jane autene..
I love jane's books depicts the story and the way things went on in her era so beautifully and vividly..every time i read one of her books i wud travel through time and reach that era..
the mannerisms and all its very beautiful and interesting..
its very amusing..
If the books depict the true scenario of that time than the lady of the house is supposed to have the maximum authority and power in the whole household..and major decisions were done by abt woman empowerment!! it wasnt needed ever and will never be needed..its equality for both..neither was stronger nor will be!!


  1. Uh, oh... You are comparing Jane Austen and Arundhati Roy??? That does not go well with me...
    1) The description of every leaf, every rain has been done so creatively... very few people can write this well
    2) Austen's all books follow the same story line with almost same characters... If you read one, you don't have to read the others
    3) Persuasion is a classic and by comparing it with GOST, you are not doing justice.

  2. @boogerwormie : I know dear some people love the book but thats my personal opinion..
    and I just compare books which I read not based on which genre it belong to..
    plus I happen to read them almost simultaneously..

  3. wow... read them simultaneously??? thats interesting!!! One doesnt satisfy you, huh??? :P