Sunday, January 21, 2007

outta movie luck!!

after a strenuous year..when I got some relief..I finally decided to watch lotsa gud movies..
the search began started with 'the departed'..the most talked abt movie in my college for last coupla days..went to a cd parlour and rented it...watched the first part peacefully but the second cd refused to start even after an hour of trials...
one failed effort.. :(
second tried to watch gilmore girls on you tube..buffered 4 parts of one episode..and then..
then my lappy got tired it decided to take a break and slept off...which means to say it swithed off by itself..
second failed effort :(
roamed around in the hostel for a gud the last samurai...tom cruise!!!
thought it must be good so talked abt...
well it turned out to be so gud that I am typing this post when the movie is on on wmp... :(
seems like am totally offfff movie luck and will hv to be satisfied with only reading .........


  1. Why so much kanjoosi?..Go out and watch movie in theatre, where it should be enjoyed!

  2. "Dor" by Nagesh Kuknoor.
    I liked it.

    Hey, watch "Guru" and let me know the review..I am going to spend my $$ only if its worth watching ;-)

  3. @oblitearted: kanjoosi nahin non availability of theaters is the problem.
    @deepali: thanks dear have watched both dor and guru.liked both.sure u shud watch guru,its a gud movie, abhishek and madhavan both are good ;)