Sunday, April 01, 2007


I have challenged myself to do one of the toughest task possible on this planet for me!!!
its not to sleep in the afternoon when I am at home and can see (also hear) my parents taking peaceful siesta on a sunday afternoon...

reason for challenge: very simple - if i sleep off now i will be wide awake till 1 in the nite listening to evn the lightest sounds at home and in the neighbourhood and it will be really difficult to join the watchmen shouting and whistling!!
and then again mom will start at 6:30 next morning waking me up wid all the possible bhajans available on TV :(

now i cant type anymore..
yawn .. :O


  1. :))..i can relate to these morning bhajans..sometimes even i get to hear these whn i m in bhilai..:)

  2. hahhahahha... my state will be like yours from tom. seems like its the same story in every house

  3. Me too struggling from suggest something to pass on this morning struggle

  4. wht happened? no new posts!!!!