Wednesday, May 02, 2007

updated myself

gosh so many topics to choose from..
duno wat to write abt ..
have thot a lotta topics like "a painted house" , " driving reverse" , "tri colour's insult?! or a mountain out of mole (thank god my prof has written abt it and i dont feel i need to add) ..

driving reverse:
have been trying to learn car since last year..well not in continuation for 365 days but 2-3 days last year and arnd 6-7 days this year..but still reverse mein gaadi atakti ahi..and then have to get up early to i have given it up for the time being...come on am on holidays and to get up early during vacations doesnt help :-/
thts all for the time being...


  1. :)) when u learn to park the car properly ..thats when u can stop practicing ..!

  2. Just sleeping and eating wont some writing as well!!