Wednesday, May 16, 2007

eeeeeeeeshhh am nostalgic again.. visited two blogs today for the first of my classmate(x-classmate now :( ) and other of my junior..both brought back the memories i thought will be lost in these two months of vacationing but it doesnt happen..
how difficult it is to move on...specially for a person like me who hangs on to people and strange it is that teh things and people we take for grnated people who we used to see everyday become blurred with time but just one note abt one person brings back all the memories...
now i really feel shud have joined work earlier so that getting busy and meeting new people wud have diverted me from thinking abt the days gone past...neways its just a few more days to start a new life and to create more memories...and get nostalgic abt them later again....


  1. when you are @home you think you should have joined the work early and when @work you will think about you home and "those rainy days"!

  2. Hey, enjoy these chill days... they may never come again