Wednesday, May 16, 2007

earth's fragrance

this summer is a bit wierd..the temperature rises to new heights every now and then followed by a little shower and the hide and seek of sun and rain goes on.
This as I have heard from elders is not gud for our crops but I sometimes become selfish enuf to ignore it and wish for the rains to continue.
Nothing can beat the frangrance of rains falling on parched earth..specially the earth of my garden(one can say that earth is earth anywhere on earth but I dont feel so always)...I have been staying at home on and off for the last 8-9 years well mostly off..and wat I miss the most among other things is sitting in the verandah with mom and sis, bro in the rains watching the rain fall on trees and other plants..and sometimes sipping tea/coffee...just chatting away.. those were some of the best days of my life...


  1. Yeah,i know.. as life moves on there are many things that we loose during the course of time and only memories remain...!
    But you should be happy that those people are still there(with you) in your life, its just that those moments are not coming...

  2. not sure if i made any sense to you :)

  3. wow... shower in the summer? lucky u!!! jaise joining paas aa rahi hai, you seem to be getting nostalgic.