Tuesday, July 24, 2007

one has come alone and will go alone from this world...

there can be no person with whom u can share all ur joys and sorrows...

have to live this life alone.. family,friends ..anyone else..no one stays with u ..

ya ya i knw its all known facts but sometimes i forget these...
so trying to reinforce it again for myself.!!


  1. why sounding so depressing?!
    There would always with someone with you...!!!dont worry.

    DOnt reinforce such thoughts..thats not true.!

    And whtever happens after this world, why care abt it right now!

  2. Phoenix3:08 PM

    You make me go numb after reading your thoughts...and its really not like that.....Experiencing life and sharing is most enjoyable.!!

  3. Humm...i can understand! This is just anxiety. U are trying to cope with new city, new ppl, new company.Change is never easy.
    In a month or two, you will once again form your comfort zone and then you will smile on this post of yours !

    Cheer up Dearie :)