Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Arguments are something that I enjoy with most of my good friends and my makes me feel alive. I love to argue and not to fight there is a difference- whoever wins doesn’t matter (it does feel gud if I can convince the other person through my arguments)

One of these arguments usually is abt the b’day treats and gifts – I always say that a treat is something that is demanded and a gift is something that’s given while some of my friends have the opinion that treats are given...
For me a gift is something that u think the other person will enjoy taking into consideration his/her interest not urs 

While writing the last post – my first offline post, I was listening to some songs which I really love – all shared with me by a friend of mine... I think music and books are some of the best gifts that can be given...Some of these gifts that I have received till now:

Songs -
Everybody’s changing; this is the last time, somewhere only we go – all by Keane

The reason – Hoobastank

You are beautiful – James blunt

Coming back to life – pink Floyd

Maula mere maula – RK Rathod

Stairway to heaven – led zeppelin (even tho I don’t get the words fully :)

True colours – phill Collins

Amie, cannonball- Damien Rice

Save Tonite – eagle eyes cherry

Aisha – I don’t remember the name of the artist

When the stars go blue –The corrs feat bono

And most importantly my introduction to English music through BSB and Celine Dion


Jonathan stone Seagull

Diary of Anne frank

Gods’ Debris

And all the borrowed books of Nancy drew and Archie’s collections of my friends.

These are the gifts I can mention specifically-but the best gift is the time and attention that I get from my near and dear ones. As my friend’s profile says – there is a little of me in u and a lot of u in me... or the other way round 


  1. Yeah, as long as arguments are healthy, its always good to have!

    Books and songes..hmm! now i think even i should have alook at god's debris!

  2. hey... meri line use karte huye atleast mention me... i m glad u r back to blogging

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  4. Well two months back I happened to be at Anne Franks house now turned museum in Amsterdam. There she lived her last days before being Germans.....It was really touching...

  5. Its been 20 days since u got that "Gift"!