Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A room with a view

After exhausting all books by Jane Austen I was missing a early 17th-19th century writing style. This made me look at other authors to quench my thirst. So for the last couple of months I have caught on the habbit of trying to read paperback classic novels from different authors after every contemporary or any other kind of novel I read.
I have experimented with a couple of authors -oops forgot their names again!
However my latest is "A room with a view" one such book by EM Forster. Dull at the begining it mad me think that I have wasted 111 bucks. However by the middle the characters got interesting and the book turned out to be real well. A little like a typical fiction and a little different kind of story I enjoyed the book.
It talks about the lead character being almost dragged into the conventional ways of getting engaged and married to a self absorbed person who doesnt think great abt the girl's family. However the unconvetional hero(well i like to call him that) saves the girl form committing the mistake by opening her eyes and hero's dad play a major role as a catalyst. And in the end all ends well.
The only thing I dont enjoy is the predictability of the end by reaching the middle of the book. The way it has been written I could imagine all the characters moving around in the locations described in great detail.
Unfortunately I missed the movie on this last night because of the TATA Sky connection which keeps on diminishing the number of channels being subscribed to initially.


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  2. I like experiments in general. I have an inclination towards certain type of books. But once in a while I would like to experiment with some other book ... glad to know about one more experimenter!
    Also I get very happy when getting a review of a book from someone I know :)

  3. Your Regular Reader.8:20 AM

    If you had made the review a bit more detailed, you could have saved a entire Rs.111 for me! :)

    Thanks for the regular blog entries. You take my focus back to books, which for some reason life keeps me from getting involved in.

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