Thursday, October 16, 2008


after a two month hiatus I am writing again... well i did type a post till half way and then succumbed to the laziness....

although it was a hiatus only from blogging myself, i kept reading other's blogs - my list on the side.. and sometimes did comment too..
In the meanwhile it was a nice time as I did catch up with my reading- read 4-5 books in 2 months (reviews in next post) not so bad but still I can do better than that..main reason - travelling ..I have been travelling so much to kerala, to bangalore in the last two months I got pretty tired - then house hunting then shifting and..wat else...oh my gosh this itself is enough to keep me busy...
I have been travelling so much to kerala I am getting allergic to God's Own country..agreed the place is beautiful but when one has to do the trips alone ..climbing the mountains, hills all gets really boring.. so everytime somebody talks abt Kerala i cringe...
Today morning after seeing that the booker prize is won by an Indian am inspired to write something also..(aspirations never harm know..)..
I am targetting 3 years hence..probably time enough to write something well..
lets see if the inspiration also lasts that long ;) as this is one of my many dreams..


  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Well! Writing is something you should definitely go for. Not because there is money or awards or fame at the end of it - but just because our hearts are filled with so much thoughts and memories that we need to pour it out to lighten ourselves. I would be happy if someone gave me just a Cooker, leave alone the Booker for my work. You have already stepped in this direction with writing your blog, just dont lose your step and keep marching...

  2. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Hey. If you have been reading a lot of books, and want to have their reviews in one place... and also maintain the list of books that you wanna read then may I suggest a website called GOODREADS.COM?

  3. @anon1: well I already have a cooker so I was talking abt booker.. ;)
    I agree with ur opinion..its just the laziness that prevents us from doing so...
    thanks for the encouraging words..

    @anon2: I am there in and have posted my brief reviews there..