Thursday, October 16, 2008

review time...

I have read..I am reading and I am planning/trying to read..

the first part refers to -

diplomatic tales by Kiran Doshi - a different kind of theme and wirtten in verse..a good read..definitely worth a read..I actually was thinking in verse for a couple of days after reading this.. :)

Michael crichton's disclosure- now i know where did bollywood flick aitraaz owes its roots to..I like the court room dialogues - much better than the jeffrey archer's latest book "A prisoner of birth" which is one of the most weak book I have read from this author.

The second phrase refers to -

The lemon tree - I have reached half way.. and till now its good..

The third phase is about the book I am trying to read for last two months- the portrait of a lady.. just after I started this book I watched the movie..and I dint like it much - may be coz according to me a bad match is a bad match - no point in trying to find out the pluses in a bad relation, and also the time wasted in a bad relation is lost - u live life only once and the years gone by never return.. i feel that there is high injustice to the lead character (according to the movie- havent reached there in the book yet) and I hate to read that part..


  1. Review the other books once you finish reading... I will run out of reading material soon

  2. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Looking at all these posts and comments, I am confused now? Are books (or so-called Written Material) the only readable things in this world? I thought Nature, People... all could be read. Isn't it possible to read the sunset at the sea or sheep grazing or workers at the farm/factory or the crowd at a wedding. Please tell me that "reading between the lines" is actually a way of sensing reality in multiple dimensions and not just burying ourselves in a book... that too written in English which is not even as perfect as the other world languages. And Please please please... don't tell me that Blind people cannot read at all..

    Books and People : Now, that's what I call a Bad Match... and what happens to time spent in a Bad Match?

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  4. @boogerwormie: hey i finished "the lemon tree" its a good read..u can try read diplomatic tales from kiran doshi..
    @anon: books are not the only things to be read but the easiest things and one can provide opinion on that in the easiest way also without hurting anyone much ..but when u talk about people they are very tough to read and incomprhensible so many times..yes I do love reading people but I cant review them ;)