Tuesday, November 25, 2008


pros and Cons..plusses and minuss..positives and negatives..benefits and drawbacks..advantages and disadvantages...
isnt all that this life is all about..
every decision we make , every action we take are weighed on these two parameters..
what happens when we start making all our decisions based only on this ..
Couple of years ago when I used to read about this, that one should actually write down the plusses and minusses of the two options..i never believed that an average/normal person actually ever does that..but when one of my friend suggested the same to me telling that she takes her decisions like this it was a revealation to me.
Then a couple of days ago when my parents where deciding where to settle down it was the same thing that they did..
I somehow cant bring myself to do this..I am an intuitive person and whatever said and done and however hard I try I cant make my decisions like this..
Its too meticulous for me..life is not a business decision to make evaluating risks of various paths that can be adopted...atleast not my life is..even though I have to suffer for my choices later...


  1. I totally agree... why make life black or white when gray is so much more interesting?

  2. You are already becoming meticulous as you are putting these thoughts into words :)

  3. @Boogerwormie: i am not sure whats interesting !!
    @Jani: I know am meticulous but I am just saying it out and not judging the + and - ...