Saturday, February 14, 2009

movies i watched...

after a bumpy jan month filled with family togetherness as well i had to watch at least 2 movies in first week of feb..
I had read the book Q&A courtsey one of my good friends last year...and i liked the book...its different..the incidents are quite romanticised but its engrossing..
so wen i went to watch slumdog millionaire after hearing loads and loads of praises about it including the awards it swept..i had high expectations from the movie..
however it dint do any justice to the book...I am not sure about what is called a good movie adaptation of a book but I dint feel slumdog was one..incidentally it has won the best book adaptation award in BAFTA...
i had to re read the book to see if it is actual adaptation or have i frogotten the book..turns out my memory is gud enough..i think saying inspired would be much better..
understood that some parts of the book wouldnt be acceptable by the junta but it was turned into a romance rather than the adventuorus life of Ram Mohammed Thomas..
The movie is good but worth winning so many awards...Naaah not at all..

The second movie was LuckbyChance of farhan..I really dont understand why girls go so crazy abt him...i dont think he is worth so much adoration in terms of looks..his acting is good and his singing(in rock on) is something which i love though..
anyways coming back to the movie..definitely konkana is best and she does best in watever role she plays...and i loved the fact that she dint take farhan back after he treated her the way he did..
best part of the movie is when farhan comes to apologise and konkana says--its not ur fault some people are like that ..very selfish...In real life I have really seen some people like this..this was a brillaint thought by the script writer/director/story person or whoever is actually responsible for it...
looking forward to watching Dev D and billu watching irfan and abhay...


  1. Yoohooo... you are back

  2. I havent watched SDM yet but i did watch Luck by Chance. I found the movie ok.

    But i do agree with you about some ppl being selfish - actually i am very much one myself :P And i too, despite everything, appreciated the ending.

  3. i so wanna see luck by chance now@@